We Bought A New-Build: First-Time Buyers in Wales

Oh my goodness, it’s December. I honestly cannot believe this year is nearly over!

Despite having ups and downs, 2019 is not a year I’ll ever forget. There are of course some parts I wish I could erase from my memory – as there are every year to be honest! But for the majority, 2019 has been amazing.

However, this post isn’t to run you through everything I’ve done this year, just one thing in particular: I bought a house! (Well, Jack and I bought a house!)

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Microblading: My Experience and Tips

Microblading is something I’ve thought about having done for a long time now. In that time I’ve watched videos on the process, videos of people’s experiences with microblading (both good and bad); I’ve contacted various companies and requested portfolios and prices and I’ve had patch tests done. So yesterday, I finally got them done.

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Time Out

Starter note: I know I haven’t been very active recently, I simply just haven’t had the time to complete a single post. I’ve been incredibly busy with personal goings-on, overtime at work, family events and trying to get a half-decent night’s sleep from time to time. I actually began this post nearly two weeks ago now and have barely touched it since, so I’m determined to get it finished.

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